How software outsourcing development rates are quoted?

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When comparing one market or provider to another, buyers tend to compare the blended hourly rate of a 6 - 8 person team and assume full-time employment (FTE) of that team for 12 months or more. Naturally, actual rates will vary by skill level, technical specialty and both the term and commitment of the engagement. Actual software development engagements can be structured one of two ways:

Option 1: Dedicated Team (team-based)

A dedicated team is a relationship where the partner commits a dedicated team of individuals to the project for its duration, and the client pays for the team month-to-month. The working assumption is that Adamo's developers function as part of your team, and will integrate with all relevant development activities. In this way, your company’s personnel build a rapport with our team, creating a dynamic and productive synergy that comes from working together towards a common goal.

Option 2: Fixed Cost (project-based)

A fixed bid relationship occurs when the client provides us with a detailed project specification and provide a fixed price for the project’s completion. This pricing structure often works best for smaller, specific and well-defined projects, like a mobile app or MVP. This method is generally not well suited for larger or long-term projects, as they typically demand the adaptability and agility of a dedicated team to accommodate changes in project scope and specification


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