Tips to achieve good project management

Tips to achieve good project management

A successful project definitely requires good project management, even for an in-house team or an outsourced team. This rule can be applied to all kind of projects including software development projects. Any talent in-house or experience outsourcing software development team should follow some similar rules to make sure the good result of a project. As experience to finish almost successful project, Adamo Digital today will share to you some tips for better project management. 

Smooth communication

Communication is a key to any project, good communication not only between customers and project manager but also between the project manager and the whole team.  The communication among the team has to make sure every idea is correctly transferred, and all the members understand what they are doing, what are the expected results. 

Communication may occur among the team discussion or customers meeting, but it occurs for the same objectives to get the project perfectly complete. For both the software development team and customers, communication helps each other understand what they are looking for, and check if they are on the same page or not. 

Well organizing

You may have good communication skills, your team can get the whole idea of the projects but the good result will not occur if your software development team are not well organized. 

Organizing here means the way the project manager controls all the process, connect with the investors, clients as well as arrange the suitable task for different roles in the developer team. Additionally, well organizing is presented while you solve an unexpected error happens and the project has to be changed to adapt to the new environment. 

Technical knowledge

As a manager, you can only give your comments to better organize the project if you understand the project. For a software project management, technical knowledge is essentially required. 

Owning strong technical knowledge, you can easily manage your experienced developers, and arrange the right task to the suitable person. In case of any errors occur, you can quickly define the origin of the problems to quickly manage the team to fix it. 

Negotiation ability

Working in a team means your team will be conflict sometimes, an event among a team or with customers. A great project manager will be the one who knows when and where to negotiate. They have to balance between the owner and end-user, compensate among team members’ personal comments, that’s why the negotiation plays an important role in a software development project.


Leadership, of course, should be the must-have skills in order to help the team well-organized, negotiate if necessary, advice the team when they make mistakes or need advice. Besides, a leader should know when the team need to be encouraged, inspired and motivated to immediately implement, help the project run smoothly.

Finally, to get a successful project as Flabby Bird, Google, Facebook,…beside marketing, market research…, good project management is also one of the top reasons for its success. With five tips presented above, Adamo Digital think you will be ready for your next projects. If you have any questions or topic that you want to discuss with us, feel free to contact us and get our consulting, not only in software development projects, we are here, ready to support you to solve your problems.

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