8 common pitfalls when building a mobile app

Mentioning about developing a mobile application again. You see the today trends of technology in business? You know the mobile application is your best solution to improve your sales? Do you know even a rock star software dedicated development team cannot well control if the unexpected issues happen?

Fortunately, you reach this article, where includes the top 8 common issues while starting to develop a mobile application. This article may suggest you some basic knowledge before making a successful business. Let’s check it out. 

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Secret to build successful On-demand service apps

Our life today is surrounded by technology, every demand can turn into an application, shopping online, booking a car online, or even book a restaurant online. When you visit an App store on iOS devices or a Google play on Android devices, you can find a lot of useful applications, also something that you even don’t know what it is used for. This is the key point decides the app is successful or not. 

Of course, when developing a mobile app, a developer hopes his brainchild will become popular and be useful for users. Sometimes, developers’ demand does not mean end-users’ demand. In this blog, Adamo Digital will share with you about a secret to successfully create an on-demand service app. 

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Having a great mobile app idea? Then, what’s next?

Once upon a time, in a country where the technology is well developed, people apply technology from their lives to their work, the place where every idea has its own potential to become true, even the idea of a small application. 

Is this country in your dream? Have you ever dreamed about a very potential and interesting mobile application as well as dreamed about the future when the app is launched? 

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Online Ordering system – the new trends in F&B

“What should I have for dinner?”

This may be the popular question of many people in the world, not only you. This shows that eating is the indispensable demands of everyone and the standard of this demand increases along with the development of a business, a country, or even the whole world. Besides the tastes of food, the convenience when ordering a meal plays an important role nowadays with the born and development of technology.

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Want to plan mobile app development in 2019?

In the 4.0 industry, a smartphone can be considered as one of the direct methods which cause the change of how society reacts nowadays. With the rising of smartphone users, mobile application development becomes a highly popular process. People can use mobile app services even in the smallest requests such as payment, ordering food, booking the hotel. Every business owners can see the potential development with their own mobile application service. So even finding the best outsourcing mobile app development company or using your own developer resource to create your own mobile app, it is necessary to know a basic step-wise in a mobile app development plan. So let’s find out some standard process here – in our blog. 

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Working With a Dedicated Software Development Team?

When a minimum viable product (MVP) is successfully launched in the market, it is necessary to get the reliable software development team to make sure the app work smoothly as well as be frequently updated. 

A MVP will be the main factor which connects customers and the owners, therefore, MVP development plays an important role as the result of the process. Following that logic, the dedicated software team are the key members who create the connection method – MVP. The question is that: There are any guidelines to select and work well with a dedicated software development team? 

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How to predict the cost of producing an app?

Do you have an idea of creating an app? You think it has great potential, but do you know how much does it cost to create an app? Especially, when you outsource an IT development team to help you visualize your idea, you should have the basic knowledge to predict the suitable cost and make sure you have a good deal. So now, follow this blog, and Adamo Digital will suggest the basic information on how to predict the range of cost. 

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