Online Ordering system – the new trends in F&B

Online Ordering system – the new trends in F&B

“What should I have for dinner?”

This may be the popular question of many people in the world, not only you. This shows that eating is the indispensable demands of everyone and the standard of this demand increases along with the development of a business, a country, or even the whole world. Besides the tastes of food, the convenience when ordering a meal plays an important role nowadays with the born and development of technology.

Many yummy restaurants improve service quality by integrating the food ordering application to optimize the way they serve and satisfy customers. It becomes a trend in the Food and Beverage market by boosting the performance of the restaurants, saving the cost of labors, avoiding mistakes by manual serving. Therefore, the blog today is going to summarize some major trends of F&B mobile application and how these apps are applied today.

Facts about Food Ordering App Industry

According to a report of Statistics:

  • 10% of US respondent told that they use food ordering application once time a week.
  • Nearly 50% of these people comment that they are happy to using food delivery services in the app
  • Online food ordering market shows the potential of becoming a billion-market opportunity nowadays.

Popular types of Automated restaurant ordering solutions

With the development of technology, there are many advanced mobile applications now is applied to improve service standard. That is the reason why the food ordering mobile apps nowadays are divided into different groups, this post will mention four main types, including Kiosks Ordering; Tablet Ordering; Online Ordering; and Text Ordering.

Kiosk Ordering- Self-reserved service

Do you know the automated check-in ticket at the airport? Do you think these solutions are modern and useful, even the older can touch, manage, and interact with the machine in the large screen?

Do you think the restaurant may be very convenient, saving labor cost when they apply the technology to attract and increase productivity?

Yes, that is what I want to mention, Kiosks Ordering is the solution that allows customers can quickly order the food and book the table by themselves using a large touchscreen without standing at the long queue and waiting for a waiter. Therefore, it saves both your and customers’ time as well as increase serving productivity.

By ordering by themselves, customers are able to add more preferred ingredients and remove their unwanted ones. Furthermore, the order of Kiosks screen will be directly sent to the kitchen, it will reduce the change of wrong order information comparing with a note order from a waiter.

Nowadays, some famous branding as KFC, McDonald’s have built their own Kiosks in the US as well as planned to introduce the solutions globally.

Tablet Ordering

Being considered as a different type of Kiosks Ordering, Tablet Ordering is an e-menu which is used by the waiter and waitress.

Similar to the Kiosk version, the waiter/waitress will use a tablet and a mobile ordering application which is designed for your restaurant. They can use the tablet to note down all customers’ requirements and immediately send the order to the kitchen. The app, obviously, allows the waiters to customize the order as customers’ request using a tablet touchscreen.

Also, you have to make sure the app can be installed and run on your devices. For example, if an ordering application runs on the iOS platform, you should install it on an iPad instead of the devices using the Android platform. Some restaurants, they use both Kiosks Ordering and Tablet Ordering. Then, they should develop a cross-platform application with Adamo Digital.

Online Ordering

The most familiar application, which is downloaded and installed by both the restaurants and customers, is an Online Ordering App. Users can easily order the food, book the table, send the payment, and even get the promotion points after ordering food. Additionally, users can send comments, review the restaurant right on the app.

Chat-bot Ordering

This method is quite similar to Online Ordering, which is used as another way to order food and book the table. Instead of downloading and installing the restaurant mobile app, users can directly visit the website of the restaurant, using “Online chatting” function to talk with a customer service supporter. This method may be used through some popular messenger as Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, or you can use a typical support system on the website. Therefore, your restaurant can support customer 24/7 as well as quickly support and satisfy customers.

How to encourage restaurants to collaborate with your on-demand food ordering app platform?

As I mentioned during introducing about different types of orders customers’ satisfaction is the main advantages when your restaurant is integrated with technology. Besides that big added point, I will list down the incentives that your restaurants may get with the ordering mobile app system.

Firstly, the ordering app helps the restaurant manager logically manage their restaurant. By recording the order using the app, the manager can control the number of order, delivery solution, the working staff then, he/she may predict the new trend and customers’ behaviors to improve services quality.

Additionally, you can improve the leads database, which not only helps you to encourage loyal customers but also attracts the new one.

Related to customers, the solutions help them easily order the food, receive free online support, and show them the visual dishes.

In conclusion, the world is changing day by day, and technology is also developed to satisfy users’ demand. So if you have an interesting idea to improve customers’ satisfaction, feel free to dream, plan, and make it come true. In the case you need any support in IT section, you also can contact with Adamo Digital – the top IT outsourcing company in Vietnam, we can support you and accompany you on the road to conquer dreams.

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