Key factors contributes a successful carrier app

Key factors contribute a successful carrier app

The born of the service as booking taxi, shipping, express,… are now changing the customer’s habit from driving their own car to downloading and booking via the app. As many business owners focus on how to get more and more customers, not many people pay attention to attracting driver. With the experience of building a carrier app, Adamo Digital knows that getting more drivers plays an important role as attracting users, and it is even harder than collect more users. 

Let’s imagine what will happen when many users use your application to book for courier service and cannot find a driver.  Yes, if it takes a long time, customers may cancel the booking, or it means you lost the deal.  Via this blog, Adamo Digital hopes you can get some idea to build an excellent app and attract your employees. 

Key features for a carrier app

App featured function is one of the main reasons decide the driver. As the app meets a driver’s requirements, this driver will decide to use it. So, let’s check which functions attracts a large amount of driver here:

Automated Filter Process

This function will automatically filter and match the driver with the end-users while allowing end-users to check and select their favourite driver. This function helps to optimize the finding and booking and also show the agreed rate for each order. By showing the driver profile with ratings and photos and other standard information, customers may feel more trusted than with an unknown driver. 

Chatting and Notification

As the application allows end-users communicating with the driver, sending a notification to both end-users and drivers for the booking status. Therefore, both end-users and drivers can keep track, follow the booking and arrange their schedule as the booking. 

Driver Dashboard

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Of course, every driver application has to show this part as one of the main important ones. As it shows a driver’s tracking history per day as well as the total payment they receive after any delivery trip. It also notices a driver when payment is sent to their card and the value of the payment. The dashboard will work as management tools including accounting, payroll, payment, time tracking. For example, QuickBooks – Partner of Uber, the one help driver check the mileage, fuel expense and other expense for deducting income tax. 

Positioning Function

Not all the drivers know the road, that’s why the map should be integrated into the driver application into the show the driver the shortest way to pick up customers and send them to the right location. This function saves a lot of time and money as well as improve efficiency. 

Offline availability

As nowadays, people live in 4.0 technology, using Wifi and 4G are popular, and the next generation will be 5G soon. However, we cannot deny that there are some places in the world, a user cannot use Wifi or even the internet. That’s why sometimes the supporting function as independently working status in some special cases as Google Maps function. 

How to make a successful one?

As the business owners, the most thing you care will be how to create a successful application and attract many users. This common question, in this situation, will be answered with the most comfortable environment for drivers. 

An application appearance

The design of an app will be the first eye-catching to the driver and decide they read and find information about one app or not. With the great UX and UI, a mobile application appearance finished half of their responsibility, and the rest will depend on other functions and support from the app owners. 

Supporting department

Working as supporting service tools, a carrier app users will need the support to solve the questions in the payment, booking, ratings… during using time. A supportive application will be a big plus point for any application while drivers are considering among a lot of applications nowadays. Everyone would like to be treated like a king, that is why a business owner should consider this point while outsourcing to develop your ideal mobile application.

Training sections

Not all people have the ability to quickly learn a new thing, it is also corrected with technology. Then a training course for the driver is a necessary task to not only well manage driver but also provide the best service quality to customers. Let’s imagine using a professional carrier application with a good-behaviour driver and compare with the normal one, you can see the differences, and can make a final decision. 

On-time payments

A driver is one job, and every employee is looking for their salary. For the driver, on-time payments from business owners to the drivers is one of the most considerable points to attract drivers. Promotion program, KPI every day, every month… are some target that drivers aim to. As these will be one part of our team to support and attract customers, the drivers should be trained and understand how to manage their account and deliver the best image to customers. 

Finally, all of these things mentioned above are based on our experience in many carrier applications projects, which I think it will be useful if you can apply it to your business. If you have any more questions or topic that you want to discuss with us, feel free to email, chat or contact us. Adamo Digital will support and give you our best consulting service.

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