How to Hire Software Developers in Vietnam?

How to Hire Software Developers in Vietnam?

When mentioning to the IT outsourcing market, Vietnam is considered as the next giant in IT outsourcing destination with many attractive numbers such as IT certificates, the IT outsourcing companies and quality services, economic growth rate, the supports from the government. All of these things make Vietnam become a competitive market for software outsourcing service.

Before coming to the tips to choosing the best software development partner in Vietnam, let’s take a look at the reason why Vietnam good in software development.

Why is Vietnam good at software development?

To answer this question, we now take a look at the Vietnam population situation. According to the statistic of, Vietnam’s population currently accounts for 1.27% of the world’s population or 97,8 billion people with an average age currently is 31 years old. It means Vietnam is the young population country or the country with a large number of people in working age.

Additionally, Vietnam is in the top 10 countries with the most graduated engineers. Among them, there are more than 250,000 IT engineer, according to a research of the World Economic Forum in 2015.

Thanks to this character of the population, the cost structure for software outsourcing also reduces comparing with the quality of product and services that Vietnam software outsourcing companies provide. For example, research shows that the labour cost of IT outsourcing in Vietnam is 20% less than India, and also European providers. This makes Vietnam outstanding of the IT market with high-quality product and services at a reasonable price.

When taking a look at the support from the Vietnamese government, it is easy to see that Vietnamese government strictly invests and pays attention to the education process, sending students to study outside, as well as investing in providing and improving the education quality. This results in the generation of fluently in English while high skills in technology development.

The generation of fluently in English while high skills in technology development.

With all the number of common Vietnam IT outsourcing companies in the map of IT market in the world as well as the potential economic, it is no doubt that Vietnam is on the top of choices for software outsourcing environment.

Tips to hire software development partner in Vietnam

In the blog today, I will share to you some basic steps to find the best software outsourcing company in Vietnam, which you can apply to find the long-term partner for your business.

1.     Build up your list

To find the best one, you must have a list to compare and now is the best time to you share your list and starting to analyze, compare and reviews them. You should find at least 3-4 options so compare and can make the best decision.

2.     List information

What information do you know about your research list? It’s time to use them now. How many experiences, pricing, strength, service providing,… After collecting this information, you can quickly compare and can 80% make the final decision.

3.     What is your idea?

You must explain the details of your project as well as the position you are looking for right now. The more detail information, the easier we can find the better one.

4.     Build up your team

Build up your team

Now, you have to check with your current team to make a clear structure among team members and find out the number of developers you need for your project.

5.     Starting a relationship

To quickly find your suitable developers, you should explain as detailed as possible to the recruiter, therefore they can understand the requirements and can provide us with an effective result.

6.     Remember to check your email

Even the IT industry in Vietnam is quite big, however, finding a good one is not an easy task. To avoid your preferred candidate, move to your competitors’ company before we can interview or offer him, you should quickly make the final decision, as well as response to the recruiter about the result.

7.     Interview your candidates

Working with your in-house dedicated team to find out the required skills and experience for the new candidates, then you can work with your partner to arrange the interview with candidates. Once you find the preferred candidate, you can notice your partner move to the next process.

8.     Your feedback, please

When announcing to your partner after finishing the interview process, you should send them the feedbacks why you choose or do not choose this developer. This feedback will help your partner understand your requirement more clearly and know how they can adjust to your requirements.

9.     Developer recruitment

As you find the suitable one, you should quickly process the requirements, or the developer may accept the offer from another employer

10.  Now, let’s get started

Now you find your team member, it is time to introduce him to your whole team along with briefly guide him your working culture, so he can know how to do and work well with a new team.

Finally, to find the best developer and also match him with the current team, it will take a lot of efforts, but it is also deserved to invest. After this blog, Adamo Digital hopes that you can find a Vietnamese reliable Long-term software developer for your successful project.

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