How to choose the right web development partner in Vietnam?

4.0 Industry is blooming now, as a result, everything related to internet is thriving, especially Ecommerce. Creating the website -the first and basic thing to start an E-commerce company can be considered as a core of the business- a wise strategy, while selecting a right development partner will play the main role. Then the IT outsourcing idea appears, and these tips below will provide the basic idea of a full process for picking a perfect web developer.

Vietnam is the Front-Runner?

As the previous blog, Vietnam nowadays appears as a star in the IT offshore market, that’s why this blog will mention Vietnam as the potential country for finding a suitable partner. Let see the facts and figures as below:

Vietnam facts and figures
Vietnam facts and figures

– In 2007, Vietnam joined WTO and became an open market for all global companies to do business here

– Vietnam is the first destination for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the world (Report of Cushman & Wakefield in 2016)

– Vietnam BPO has expected profit increased by 20-25% per year. (Report of Vietnam Economics)

– The cost will not play an essential role when comparing with the quality of the service, and Vietnam is now proving the value commitment with each exported products as well as the globally provided services

– 70% of Vietnam population- equivalent to 93 million people are at the working age with more and more well educated and talented young people entering the job market every year (Source:

Vietnam population structureVietnam population structure
Vietnam population structure

– Vietnam is a growing community. In 2015, there were 1400 Vietnamese start-ups which made Vietnam become the 3rd largest ecosystem in Southeast Asia, just behind Singapore and Indonesia (as TechAsia reported).

– In 2016, Vietnam marked itself as one of 6 leading destinations for technology transfer in the Asia Pacific region – a highlight in the world map. (Source:  Report by the US research and Gartner)

– In 2017, Vietnam achieved the top 5 in Global Services Location Index of software outsourcing services which is ranked by AT Kearney- a consulting firm

– Many global giant manufacturing companies as Samsung, Nokia, LG… continuously invest in Vietnam every year. For example, Samsung did build 8 factories and 1 R&D centre in Vietnam with a total investment of about US $17.3 billion.

– IT industry reported the revenue of the first haft of 2018 is more than $4.5 billion, 16.5% increase compared to the same period last year.

Choosing a website development outsourcing partner in Vietnam

According to the report of VINASA, about 4000 IT agencies in Vietnam in 2016, so which should be your partner? Many enterprises don’t know how to give the final decision.

After working with various global partners, Adamo met a lot of issues in the first step to discuss with the partner, to make sure we worked on the same tracks, then Adamo Digital understood and found the best way to get connect with a partner and provide the best services to satisfy our partners. Adamo shares this post from the view of an IT agency, and share the secrets of every website design and development agencies which can help you- our partners through the process of quickly and effectively matching with the best agency in Vietnam.

Step One: Answer the question of your internal resource

While building a website requires a lot of information, besides the content, other roles also support to attract visitors and potential online customers to your website. Some of these include Branding strategy, Target Audience, User experience, User Interface Design, Backend management, and in-house team ability. When you can clarify all these factors, you may get the full image of your strengths which help you to effectively work with your partner.

Step Two: Determine the project scope and budget

The project scope- which includes all features and requirements you need of your website and the key components will help you shortlist among 4000 agencies to find the best based on their competitive advantages.

Money- as I told in the previous section, may not be shown as the main concern, but as a smart investor, you should evaluate the value of what you pay for. Sometimes, an expensive product may not your best solution.

Step Three: Onsite support requirements

With the high speed of internet, it’s easy to remotely work and discuss among the team. However, direct discussion with an onsite supporter will encourage you to share your details idea and requirements, as well as the supporter to share your key idea to the developer team and boosting good collaboration.

Step Four: Do you have any references?

The close partner is always the better choice compared with the new stranger one. It’s time to make use your networks. Asking around for your connections to get the list of suggested agencies and do some research on internet resources. Some reputable website that you can visit as Clutch, Sortlist, Goodfirms… which will recommend you some ideal partners.

Step Five: Interview your shortlist partners

Interview time often is the most interesting time, which not only helps you to understand more your future partner but also show their strengths and weakness in reality. Some must-have questions that I suggest:

–           Your most successful project, what did you do, which difficulties you met during developing and how did you solve it?

–           What are your strengths to meet our requirements for this project?

–           Who is your favourite partner you did work with and why?

From these, you can get the full picture of your agency, how they work and if their working style matches yours.

Step Six: Remember to check the reference

As the normal interview, the reference customers list will show you the document of their previous projects, and you can receive the feedbacks from agency’s previous partners to make the final decision.

Finding the right web and design development partners is like finding and hiring talented employees. Your decision will help to promote your business or waste your time and investment.  Adamo hopes this blog will be the valuable materials for you to make the best decision.

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