How to calculate the cost of creating an app?

When you plan to have your own mobile app, can you guess the cost to create this? 

Yes, it’s very difficult to predict the cost of producing software in the very first moment. However, when you can clarify your mobile apps idea and requirements, the cost of building an app is never an impossible task, and you can calculate by yourself. 

Now, let’s see how Adamo Digital can help you to get your mobile application’s production cost.

A normal app or a draft application can cost from $1,500 to $5,000 and the basic one with standard functions which are suitable to be uploaded on the App Store or CH Play may cost $10,000, it is not that bad to own a published one, right?

Hang on, do you really want to publish just a basic app? Normally, when the app idea comes up, it may be based on the real requirements of the owner to make life easier. Therefore, the app will bring its owned meaningful, value and the difference. To achieve these goals, your budget should be invested to more than the normal app. It means beside investing coding, you may hiring developers, testers, and planning for the additional/unexpected costs. And then, the cost of developing your meaningful app will be from $15,000 to $40,000 for each app.

Design and Development

Firstly, you have your own developer team or you outsourcing a dedicated software development team to develop your app. The normal price charged by the Vietnamese high-skills programmers is between $15-$20 an hour or up to $2,500 for a month work. The cost of hiring a developer does not only depend on the experience of the developer, but also the infrastructure of an app. Time and money invested in design UI/UX of an app sometime may cost more than coding it. However, it may be a reasonable investment to create the best performance and attract more users to your app. To save this cost, you may consider hiring some UI/UX designer and coder team in the top software outsourcing countries such as Vietnam, India, …  So it may charge you a little bit overhead cost but normally, the overhead cost is added in your plan right from the start. Also, hiring the full-package including design, developing, testing, launch app can help you not only save time, money but also help you manage the workflow quickly and efficiently. 

For example, Adamo Digital, a trusted software developer in Vietnam with the recognized by many big IT review website (Clutch, Top Agency, …) may be your ideal choice with the cost is too cheap while comparing with the value or the app quality is coded. 

Testing process

You are confident with your idea to attract end users, but what will happen if your app includes some bugs causing end users disappointed and leaving a bad review on CH Plays or App Store?

Then, testing the app is a solution to make sure your app works properly and satisfies customers. 

The testing process is not a very hard task which you can test by yourself. But can you work out all the issues can happen with an app if you don’t have an experience of a tester? The testing process may cost you about $2,000- $5,000 depends on the complexity of the app. And in this case, my advice is hiring a professional team to make sure your app works smoothly.

Others cost

Launching the app$99 on the App Store, $25 to register on Google Play
Infrastructure, servers, and other back-end support$50-$100/month
Social media integrations:$400-$1,000
In-app purchasing$500-$1,500

Example Estimates

Everything is installed in the device
Takes 4- 6 months to develop
Expected cost: $20,000 – $40,000
Example: Airbnb (Booking hotels and homestay application)

Hotel and OTA mobile websites

Tips Corner

·      Remember, cheaper does not mean lower quality, and cheapest does not mean the best choice. You get what you pay for. Never cut corners.

·      Prepare for the additional cost and time in your budget. Because while developing an app, you should consider the market trends to immediately update your app functions which can cause the delayed time as well as the cost. 

·      Converting an iPhone app for iPad compatibility? Add 25-50% of the original cost.

·      Marketing is the top remember tasks which can decide the payment for your hard working and your idea- expect to spend $1,000-$3,000 on initial marketing campaigns

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