How do the travel and tourism industry change as the born of mobile apps?

Travelling is always a favourite of many people around the world, especially when the living standard is improved and the born of many convenient vehicles, transportation methods. One additional convenience to the travellers’ experience in the 4.0 technology industry should be mentioned here is the mobile app and smartphone. This combination did create the big renovation of the travelling community, let’s see how travel and tourism change after the born of a mobile app in the blog today.

Benefits of mobile apps for the travel tourism industry

All functions in one

As the born of mobile application, travellers can book all services using their smartphone, from booking an air ticket, booking a hotel, booking a taxi or even building a detailed schedule for travelling. Additionally, because bringing the smartphone to everywhere is more convenient than a lot of tourist guideline book, documents, planning…, a mobile app which included all of this information becomes more and more popular. 

Simplifies the documents

As the smartphone has big memory capability nowadays, users can save all the related documents here, due to this function, the paperwork process can be optimized. For example, instead of printing the ticket, hotel reservations, ID card scan soft copies, you can save all in your phone and open it if need. The mobile application also plays the role of wallet, when every transaction can be an online payment. Travellers don’t need to worry about the privacy if they put or using e-cash because all of these payment processes is the priority of every business, so it should be coded by the top trusted and experienced software development team as well as checked by Quality Assurance before launching

Improving service quality

Is preferred by not only travellers, the travel and tourism business owners can get the advantages here. By collecting tourist’s information, hobby, favourite, contact, travel plan,…which is known as big data. Based on these data, the business owner can analyze and create a suitable business strategy to attract more tourist, develop their business. 

Furthermore, via online review and rating, traveller community can share their experience to others about the service quality, the cost, the experience when using any service, from air ticket, train ticket, to hotel reservation. Or it will be an effective way to improve service quality to get the high rate from end-users. 

Directly sale off offers to catch customers’ attention

As collecting customers’ data, advertising management software can target the correct customers to show online advertising, offer them to spend more on their trip. For example, after a customer booking the air ticket to travel to Japan, app software management can group this customer to the potential tourist to Japan, and show the advertising program about hotel reservation, festival, events… in Japan. This function can be easily created by Adamo Digital – a top mobile software development company in Vietnam or quickly integrate if the app owner has requirements. 


Due to the requirements from end-users, all travel services may collaborate with each other to provide the best offer to customers. These services can be built under the same platform as Traveloka, then customers can quickly pick up their suitable choices, from flight time, airline provider, hotel reservation… and after a few clicks, end users can fulfil their travel plan and get ready to enjoy their trip.  

Which functions should have in a travel app?

As there are a lot of positive changes along with the appearance of mobile application in travel and tourism business, so do you know about the trends of travel mobile application nowadays?

1.    Information channel 

One of the advantages of tourism mobile application is reducing the paperwork that end users have to bring along with their trip, it means that this function plays an important role in customers’ decision to download a mobile application. To be called an all-in-one application, it has to include all the standard data like phone number, website, hotel address, tourist suggested plan. This information also needs to be continuously updated to make sure customers always receive the newest one. 

2.    Location checking and advertising

Mobile application function may allow a business owner to attract more customers. By detecting a smartphone location, advertising can easily target the right customers, especially in the tourist area. 

3.       Offline content

Even in the 4.0 technology industry, some famous places still don’t connect to the internet or stop the connection of tourist. Therefore, it should be more convenient to check content information offline. Also, this is a good way to convince customers to stop using the internet and enjoy their vacation. 

4.       Multi-languages

Travelling is a global activity which attracts and cover foreign markets. Even English can be considered as a global language, tourists still prefer to use their national language which can help them understand more about the new culture, country and the place where they visit. 

5.       Event Calendar

The calendar only always exists in every mobile phone. However, the event calendar, which includes all the schedule and information of events, will help tourist have more idea to travel around and enjoy local events as well as boost travelling business. 

6.       Currency value converter function

Normally, foreign travellers have to exchange local money to spend in a foreign country. However, not all people know about the exchange rate, then the currency converter functions will show its convenience to its owner. 

7.       Map and  GPS

In the new place, the demand for finding the way, searching the map to get the guideline to their destination. By mapping and GPS function, the app can quickly suggest end-users how to arrive at the destination in the shortest way. 

In conclusion, an ideal mobile app should satisfy end-users from the big to small issues, as well as boosting the travel business. It brings big advantages and positive changes for both the business owner and tourists. As the blog analyzes all the advantages and new trends of the appearance of travel and tourism application, you know which functions your app should have. So, don’t hesitate to contact Adamo Digital for consulting for your business.

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