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Guideline for outsourcing app development in Vietnam

 While deciding to build a mobile application, there are two ways to make your dream come true, one is developed by yourself, and another is outsourcing a software development team. And for some companies, outsourcing is the best solution.  Selecting the right mobile app development partner contributes to fifty per cent of the success of your business because it is the core team creating your final product.

As mentioned in the previous blog, Vietnam is the top software development outsourcing destination in the world, that is why the blog today suggest the tips to effectively offshore software development in Vietnam.

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How to choose right mobile app development partnership in Vietnam?

1.    Why Vietnam?

Why Vietnam is the best destination for Trump -Kim meeting? Why Vietnam is becoming the star and best destination that many foreign investors focus on nowadays? Let’s see the facts and figure below:

Vietnam facts and figures
Vietnam facts and figures

2.    Guideline for outsourcing in Vietnam

Clarifying your requirements

Before starting to find the mobile app development agency, you should know what you want in your app. Knowing what you need will create the key points for you while finding the suitable outsourcing partner. 

If you are not sure what you should do, you can find more suggestions in our previous blog of what you should do with a mobile application idea. Answering some basic questions as:

–       Who will be your customers?

–       What is the app used for?

–       Which is the key feature of the app?

–       Do you need other features to support the app?

–       Is the app free or paid one?

–       What is your plan to get revenue from the app?

–       Is your app a native or a hybrid one?

Then, you will have the draft idea of developing your app, and know how to find the right IT software outsourcing partner in Vietnam.  

Looking for the reference cases

What do you usually when interviewing and recruiting the new employees? Of course, their experience and porforlio. And for offshoring a software development team or company, previous experience and related projects will play an important role in your decision. That’s why understanding your idea will help you find the suitable partner. 

Looking for the previous related projects can help you understand yourpartners’ strengths and weakness, as well as determine if they are your corrected choice or not. You can see their experience while working in the project which is similar to yours, and the way they react when the unexpected issues happen. 

Questions, questions, and questions

Finding the partner’s ability via their portfolio is sometimes not enough, then, directly interviewing, asking many questions are the solutions, which can be used to make sure you did make the right decision. Just don’t worry and make as many questions as possible, then you may understand your partner, make your relationships closer, as well as check if the communication can flow naturally.

What are your expectations

The mobile app is your idea, then only you can understand what you expect from your partner. You should explain and have a detailed discussion with your partner to ensure both of you understand the mission, vision and your expectation with the app. The expectation here is not only from your side – the app idea, but also from your partner- the software development team, where they have to understand the payment terms, the working process, communication method, the timeline and others related issues before starting the partnership. 

Asking for a project plan?

The project plan or the timeline is which you can use to check the working status and process if they meet the reality result. To easily follow the mobile app development process, don’t hesitate to ask your developer team to create the project plan and frequently update it. Which can help you easily check the working process and it is useful for the manager to well organize and control the employees. 

Partner collaboration

As the development of technology, the competitors may no longer exist in the future because many big brands are combined together to build up a new organization. Therefore, building the partnership may not only help you to build up your required mobile app, but also strengthen your business. Because your partner- a mobile application development company, with their own experience in building a mobile app sometimes can give you useful advices of the app’s features and functions, even strategy or new idea to make the app better. So, listening to your partner, learning from them, and trusting them may make your solution better. 

Communication is the key decision

Of course the application is your idea, not your partner idea, then communication plays an essential role in the whole process, to ensure you and your partner company understand each other and work for the same objectives. To be on the same page as your developers, both you and your developers should not be afraid to ask, discuss, and respond ASAP, which leads to reduce mistakes, revisions, costs, and conflicts while collaboration. 

Also, it is important to unify the communication channel among the team, clarify the respond method to make sure the whole team are in the same loop and never miss any information.  Making sure you and your team speak the same languages, and your team understand what you are talking about. 

Finally, never forget that interactive communication is always better than one-way communication. Don’t apply your thoughts to your team, let them freely raise their idea, it can help you get a better result.

Offshore developer may be the great solution for your business, however it also includes many risks that you have to better prepare before starting a project. Finding a trusted dedicated team and work well with them can be the big challenge with business owner. Via this blog, Adamo Digital hopes you- our audiences can get the idea and understand the way to outsource a software developer in Vietnam and also in the software outsourcing market in general. 

Building the right development team is one of the other critical parts of a successful endeavor, and if you would like more information about a project you might be considering, Adamo Digital is always at your service.

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