How do the travel and tourism industry change as the born of mobile apps?

Travelling is always a favourite of many people around the world, especially when the living standard is improved and the born of many convenient vehicles, transportation methods. One additional convenience to the travellers’ experience in the 4.0 technology industry should be mentioned here is the mobile app and smartphone. This combination did create the big renovation of the travelling community, let’s see how travel and tourism change after the born of a mobile app in the blog today.

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Should you have a QA/BA in your development team?

Quality Assurance is the most important certificate of each application before launching. The QA result will be evidence to show that the app is quality enough to be used by end-users. However, having a Quality Assurance or business analyst specialist in your developer team is really necessary? What exactly a QA/BA do? And are they required for your success? Let’s check the answer in the blog below.

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Web Design and web developments, are they different?

I remember when I started the first steps in the web development world, it took me a long time to differentiate between a web designer and web development. In the beginning, I thought that web designer and web development are the same, their responsibility is creating an app. Yeah, you know, my thought is not correct, but also not a wrong answer. Let’s check the blog today and find the correct solutions with Adamo Digital!

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How to hire the best quality app development team?

In the world of information technology, all technical devices and knowledge are updated hour by hour, which asks the business manager to get the up-to-date information to better boost their business. Because of the quick updating of technology, it is very difficult to have a dedicated software development team who can manage all tasks in different IT projects.

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DevOps and its benefits to Mobile App Development Companies

Have you ever heard about DevOps?

Yes, DevOps is the word combined by Software development (Dev), information technology operations (Ops) for shortening the software developing process.  By using DevOps, the software development can smoothly work, all the teams are on the same page and are able to work as an independent team. 

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Client Communication – The Key on every Agile Project

Software outsourcing- a popular solution for many enterprises to save time, money and also resource while still keeping the good results. That’s why a dedicated software outsourcing team becomes one of the big concerns in the market, and many IT agencies open every year. So, do you know what is the most important point when selecting an IT team?

Yes, as the title of the blog, Client Communication. 

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Before outsourcing software development, what should I know?

The 4.0 industry nowadays shows the importance of technology in the business, which not only plays the role of an advertising method to boost up the development but also opens the new business opportunities in the market. Therefore, it is easy to understand if many companies invest in developing their technology department or outsourcing a trusted software development team to build up the website or mobile application. As a part of the business, do you have any ideas before joining the trends of business in the world – upgrading your software appearance? Maybe this blog can help you to answer this question.

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Why do projects miss deadlines?

Every project including IT project has its plan before starting, but not all projects can follow the timeline. If there is a delay in a project, it can create various issues follow this delay in the project management. Overbudget, missing the launching time, damaging the developer team’s performance…are some of many issues caused by delaying deadlines.

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Guideline for outsourcing app development in Vietnam

 While deciding to build a mobile application, there are two ways to make your dream come true, one is developed by yourself, and another is outsourcing a software development team. And for some companies, outsourcing is the best solution.  Selecting the right mobile app development partner contributes to fifty per cent of the success of your business because it is the core team creating your final product.

As mentioned in the previous blog, Vietnam is the top software development outsourcing destination in the world, that is why the blog today suggest the tips to effectively offshore software development in Vietnam.

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Secret to build successful On-demand service apps

Our life today is surrounded by technology, every demand can turn into an application, shopping online, booking a car online, or even book a restaurant online. When you visit an App store on iOS devices or a Google play on Android devices, you can find a lot of useful applications, also something that you even don’t know what it is used for. This is the key point decides the app is successful or not. 

Of course, when developing a mobile app, a developer hopes his brainchild will become popular and be useful for users. Sometimes, developers’ demand does not mean end-users’ demand. In this blog, Adamo Digital will share with you about a secret to successfully create an on-demand service app. 

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