How to successfully develop a loyalty app for your restaurant?

Loyalty program is a familiar way in a marketing strategy to attract customers, collect their contact and encourage them to spend more for a service or buy more products. In F&B, loyalty program plays an important role to remind customers to remember and contribute to a brand.

As the born of application, the loyalty program can be introduced by many methods and using a loyalty app can save a lot of cost for any restaurant want to directly connect to their target customers. Let’s check how the app can bring success to a business in the blog today.

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Tips to get the top App Developers to develop your business

App development is the common jobs nowadays when you can easily find a lot of developers in your countries or in the world. However, finding the best one to build up your team or outsourcing a top software development team who meets your requirements is very difficult. One top developer can help to boost up your business as well as save a large amount of cost in running it. So let’s check some tips to get your wanted one in the blog today.

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Is it possible to enter the online travel market nowadays?

The travelling market nowadays, with support from modern technology, is developed to the new level where anyone can easily plan and travel by themselves. Online booking via mobile application or website instead of contacting travelling agencies help the travelling business quickly develop as you may think that the travelling application market is the red ocean already.

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What does a Project manager do in a software development process?

You are a Project Manager? In general, there are many types of a project manager, project manager for a marketing campaign, project manager for a construction project, or project manager for a software project… Of course each project manager will need different requirements, and still, have some similar thing. As in this blog, Adamo Digital will share our experience of project manager for a software project, then you can get the idea of what a software project manager does and why we need this.

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Key factors contribute a successful carrier app

The born of the service as booking taxi, shipping, express,… are now changing the customer’s habit from driving their own car to downloading and booking via the app. As many business owners focus on how to get more and more customers, not many people pay attention to attracting driver. With the experience of building a carrier app, Adamo Digital knows that getting more drivers plays an important role as attracting users, and it is even harder than collect more users. 

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Feature Sets for Improving Travel Experience

As the development of 4.0 technology, a lot of information can be easily found online, even e- ordering or e-booking. In the travelling business, this trend boosts the self-travelling trend up while narrowing down the role of travel agencies. This trend also means the booming of travelling applications which can support self-travellers during their trip. Let’s see how the application can support and what are must-have functions on a travelling app in the blog today. 

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What function should a Self-service Ordering Kiosk have?

Do you know the meaning of fast-food restaurant like KFC, Lotteria? 

Yes, correct, this is the place where people can quickly order their food, quickly finish their meal or even take it away, the most important thing is “Quick Service”. That’s why the fast-food restaurant is the choice of many people around the world. However nowadays, you can see in many fast-food restaurants, people have to wait for a long time with a long queue before ordering their food. In order to improve service quality and follow the real meaning of a fast-food restaurant, a lot of restaurants used self-service software development. Let’ see what it is and how can it be applied to the development of the food and beverage business.

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Tips to achieve good project management

A successful project definitely requires good project management, even for an in-house team or an outsourced team. This rule can be applied to all kind of projects including software development projects. Any talent in-house or experience outsourcing software development team should follow some similar rules to make sure the good result of a project. As experience to finish almost successful project, Adamo Digital today will share to you some tips for better project management. 

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Digital Transformation- Hotel Industry trends nowadays

The hotel plays an important role in developing a tourism business, and better hotel quality will attract more customers. As the support by 4.0 technology, hotel industry turned to the new trend, more interesting, more convenient, and more attractive.

Do you ever hear about the smart mirror, automatic sensor, centralize management system,…? While these terms may be new for some people, these technologies are applied to many famous hotel and location. 

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