DevOps and its benefits to Mobile App Development Companies

Have you ever heard about DevOps?

Yes, DevOps is the word combined by Software development (Dev), information technology operations (Ops) for shortening the software developing process.  By using DevOps, the software development can smoothly work, all the teams are on the same page and are able to work as an independent team. 

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Mobile Payments in Digital Payment Technologies

Thanks to the development of technology, the mobile payment was born and becomes a new convenient trend for both customers and providers while encouraging the business.  A few years ago, there are only some concerns about digital payments, and then when some big brands like Paypal, Amazon, Apple, WeChat, Google… enter the market, mobile payment shows its importance in the development of business. 

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Client Communication – The Key on every Agile Project

Software outsourcing- a popular solution for many enterprises to save time, money and also resource while still keeping the good results. That’s why a dedicated software outsourcing team becomes one of the big concerns in the market, and many IT agencies open every year. So, do you know what is the most important point when selecting an IT team?

Yes, as the title of the blog, Client Communication. 

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Before outsourcing software development, what should I know?

The 4.0 industry nowadays shows the importance of technology in the business, which not only plays the role of an advertising method to boost up the development but also opens the new business opportunities in the market. Therefore, it is easy to understand if many companies invest in developing their technology department or outsourcing a trusted software development team to build up the website or mobile application. As a part of the business, do you have any ideas before joining the trends of business in the world – upgrading your software appearance? Maybe this blog can help you to answer this question.

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Why do projects miss deadlines?

Every project including IT project has its plan before starting, but not all projects can follow the timeline. If there is a delay in a project, it can create various issues follow this delay in the project management. Overbudget, missing the launching time, damaging the developer team’s performance…are some of many issues caused by delaying deadlines.

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How to develop a successful enterprise mobile app?

According to the research of Newzoo, the number of smartphone users will pass 3.8 billion while the predicted number of population in the world is 7,8 million (research by worldmetter) by 2021. 

Do you think an enterprise mobile will be the trends from now on?

If you agree with me, you may prepare everything to get a successful enterprise app. Let’s find the answer in the blog today. 

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How to calculate the cost of creating an app?

When you plan to have your own mobile app, can you guess the cost to create this? 

Yes, it’s very difficult to predict the cost of producing software in the very first moment. However, when you can clarify your mobile apps idea and requirements, the cost of building an app is never an impossible task, and you can calculate by yourself. 

Now, let’s see how Adamo Digital can help you to get your mobile application’s production cost.

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Google Flutter and Cross-platform mobile development

In this modern technology world, with the dominance of smart phones, you might know about two main mobile operating systems (OS) Android and iOS. As you know, Android and iOS are two different mobile OS, which also require different IT knowledge to create a suitable mobile app. Some mobile app founders have to create different developer team to support each system, while others choose the solution of using the same platform for both big mobile OS. Flutter of Google is one of these examples. In this blog, let’s find out what is Flutter and should we use Google Flutter on mobile application development or not. 

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