Digital Transformation- Hotel Industry trends nowadays

The hotel plays an important role in developing a tourism business, and better hotel quality will attract more customers. As the support by 4.0 technology, hotel industry turned to the new trend, more interesting, more convenient, and more attractive.

Do you ever hear about the smart mirror, automatic sensor, centralize management system,…? While these terms may be new for some people, these technologies are applied to many famous hotel and location. 

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How do the travel and tourism industry change as the born of mobile apps?

Travelling is always a favourite of many people around the world, especially when the living standard is improved and the born of many convenient vehicles, transportation methods. One additional convenience to the travellers’ experience in the 4.0 technology industry should be mentioned here is the mobile app and smartphone. This combination did create the big renovation of the travelling community, let’s see how travel and tourism change after the born of a mobile app in the blog today.

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Should you have a QA/BA in your development team?

Quality Assurance is the most important certificate of each application before launching. The QA result will be evidence to show that the app is quality enough to be used by end-users. However, having a Quality Assurance or business analyst specialist in your developer team is really necessary? What exactly a QA/BA do? And are they required for your success? Let’s check the answer in the blog below.

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[Adamo Digital team building] Provide more “vitamin Sea” at Coto Paradise island

We are in the hottest days of Summer and it ‘s right time for Adamo Digital to make this Summer become unforgettable for all Adamo-ers. That’s why we decided to have a short trip to one of the most beautiful Island in Vietnam- Coto Island last month. We had a memorable and happy moment here together to understand the Adamo’s spirit and we proudly say that “We are Adamo Digital!”.

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How to hire the best quality app development team?

In the world of information technology, all technical devices and knowledge are updated hour by hour, which asks the business manager to get the up-to-date information to better boost their business. Because of the quick updating of technology, it is very difficult to have a dedicated software development team who can manage all tasks in different IT projects.

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DevOps and its benefits to Mobile App Development Companies

Have you ever heard about DevOps?

Yes, DevOps is the word combined by Software development (Dev), information technology operations (Ops) for shortening the software developing process.  By using DevOps, the software development can smoothly work, all the teams are on the same page and are able to work as an independent team. 

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Mobile Payments in Digital Payment Technologies

Thanks to the development of technology, the mobile payment was born and becomes a new convenient trend for both customers and providers while encouraging the business.  A few years ago, there are only some concerns about digital payments, and then when some big brands like Paypal, Amazon, Apple, WeChat, Google… enter the market, mobile payment shows its importance in the development of business. 

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Client Communication – The Key on every Agile Project

Software outsourcing- a popular solution for many enterprises to save time, money and also resource while still keeping the good results. That’s why a dedicated software outsourcing team becomes one of the big concerns in the market, and many IT agencies open every year. So, do you know what is the most important point when selecting an IT team?

Yes, as the title of the blog, Client Communication. 

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