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8 common pitfalls when building a mobile app

Mentioning about developing a mobile application again. You see the today trends of technology in business? You know the mobile application is your best solution to improve your sales? Do you know even a rock star software dedicated development team cannot well control if the unexpected issues happen?

Fortunately, you reach this article, where includes the top 8 common issues while starting to develop a mobile application. This article may suggest you some basic knowledge before making a successful business. Let’s check it out. 

No.1: Building backend planning

The backend is the soul of a mobile application, right? If there are any issues happen in the backend, it will directly affect the mobile app performance. When the app immediately crashes, take a long time to open, users can easily delete the app to experience the new one. That’s why the backend plays an important role in an app, and you can use some below the tips to optimize your backend building plan. 

Does your mobile app have any conflicts with your infrastructure and server? This is an important question to make sure the display screen may not be crashed or bother customers. 

Start-ups is never easy at the very first class, but when you build a suitable schedule, you can follow the schedule to check ahead. 

No. 2: Forgetting the difference among platforms

Android, iOS and Windows, there are three common platforms in the mobile application development. Are you sure you clearly understand the differences among these platforms? Do you have a detailed plan and target customers?  Do their customers prefer Android, iOS or Windows devices?

Actually, coding on Android, iOS and Windows are totally different, and each one owns their advantages and disadvantages. That’s why you should discuss with your dedicated developer team or even our outsourcing software development team about your plan, idea, and strategy, and decide which platforms will you target. 

No.3: Awful UI design

User interface (UI) play an important role in mobile application business, which will be a competitive advantage to attract users in very first steps. It is not only about good design, but also an easy-to-use one. 

If you are not sure about your idea, feel free to discuss with your mobile app developer team and your designer to find the best solutions. You also can launch a short version to get users’ comments and feelings while using your mobile app.

No. 4: Assuming about web and mobile app

Website and mobile application play the same roles of meeting customers demand, providing information, therefore, they may have the same content, same design concept. However, Web and mobile app are totally different, and each one provokes in a different style. The website shows detailed information while the mobile application can optimize time using. Even they have the same purpose, the structure will be designed to suit with each advantage.

No. 5:  3rd party library control 

It is common when mentioning 3rd party library, however, sometimes the third-party library is out of date or crash, your mobile application performance will be affected. To limit this one happens, business owners should limit the number of third-party libraries, constantly updated and maintained. Furthermore, if the library is something that you can build, let’s consider that solution. And if the library is too huge and is used for setting up one function only, should you keep it or not?

No. 6: Don’t have targeted customers

Is your application idea occurs based on your demand? So, you should have a targeted customer group, which you clearly understand their needs and demands as well as know how to create a trend among these people, then you will have a specific plan for your business. 

No app is made for everyone, you know that. If you don’t have targeted customers, you may don’t know how to start to launch your mobile application or develop your idea, turn it come true. You can find the suggestions from your competitors as well as your partners, learn how to do marketing, how to reach customers, their targeted market.

No. 7: Promoting activities

Because you are a founder, the idea suggestions, it does not mean you can introduce your products to new customers and convince them to download after meeting the same requirements. You know, mobile apps face high competition, short attention user base, difficulties when building up and testing, strict timeline. If you let the application be developed and introduced via mount only, you may lose the change to meet more potential customers. 

No. 8: Device Performance

What is the size of your app comparing with the features, benefits that it brings to end-users? If you download a big size app which is not much use for you, you may delete it when your storage is full or you even don’t download it. 

Additionally, after the news of some old iPhone versions works very slow because of updating and low battery performance, users may pay more attention to checking application information before downloading it. Therefore, making sure you fully test the app before launching it in all kinds of devices and your application should work smoothly on these devices. 

Your app may be frequently updated to ensure your product fit well with the market, but if you can launch the app without these above issues, your application and your business will be on the way of success soon.

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