managing business uncertainty with software development company in Vietnam

How IT businesses manage uncertainties in 2020

While 2019 was a prosperous year for the software outsourcing market globally, companies are struggling with uncertainty in business this year due to coronavirus. 

COVID 19 is slow down the growth speed world, posing depression in all the industries. It forces companies’ owners to adjust the strategic business plan following the global status. We list here with six practical tips that could help you better adapt to the business complex recently. 

Tech company should add elasticity and flexibility into workplaces 

Even without the business chaos from coronavirus outbreak, IT companies should consider providing workplace flexibility to staffs and clients. The driving force of these trends came from digital natives, that mobile technology and online collaboration gradually transformed the way we work.

According to Deloitte reports, workplace flexibility is vital for all businesses. However, companies might lose profit when they do not execute it well. From the software outsourcing point of view, the difference in time zone between clients and customers seemingly case long pause in the software development process. In which, remote team members might face the fear of missing the midnight message and loss customer satisfaction. As a result, leaders should clearly define how flexibility will be adopted for balancing clients’ and employees’ tasks.

Considering effective communication

To managing uncertainty, the point is “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket”. The reality proves that this strategy is also accurate for communication, especially in performing software outsourcing projects. The evidence is that several business owners confess that they got trouble with client collaboration.

For companies using multi-channels to connect dedicated software development teams and clients, encouraging feedback could be the way of supporting effective communication. Research shows that sharing questions and concerns enhances the enthusiasm of working. Additionally, interactive feedback also improves the understanding among members and rapidly detect the hidden issues during the project.

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Leveraging software technologies to replace human contact

In the first half of 2020, when the surge in remote work arrangement refers to an uppermost concern globally. People start talking more about the inconvenience of remote works. In the meantime, the tools for online communication on a real-time basis will be the savior. It might not be a temporary trend, while the word currently admires emerging technology to easily data storage.

Among the massive communication tools for video conferences, sharing information, and discussing ideas, Hipchat, Slack, Skype, Hangout, Zoom are the most popular. While Skype is necessary for the rapid exchange of information for the teams, Slack business platform is especially suitable for smaller project teams, supporting other popular applications such as Dropbox, Google Hangouts, and iMessage. The free version of Hangouts and Skype only supports small participants (10 for skype and 25 for Hangouts), while a Zoom account can work with 100 participants.

Strictly following Agile team distribution

We all know that an Agile team is a key to the software outsourcing company performing at scale. At Adamo Digital, our dedicated development team leverage Agile distribution to obtain low cost and high productivity. Our company is not alone. Practically, Agile teams own outstanding advantages over traditional teams, in terms of team communication, project management, and planning approaches.

Instead of doing a bulk of works with possibly getting stuck in some parts, each team members only need to perform a divided part at a time. The tracking progress has been implemented in a broad for all teams with the feature of sharing resources.

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Even in the tough time of the business market as in 2020, there is no multiple-choice game in the IT market. Software companies have forced to rely on a few reliable methodologies instead of a new innovative management plan. 

Software development company with friendly woking environment

Focusing on market’s core demands to adapt business complex

In the midst of uncertainty events, IT business and their clients tend to more focus on core value instead of implementing diversification strategies, which protect the recently limited resources. In which, it requires technology companies to adapt to the rapid change of global conditions by eliminating cumbersome progress.

As the business strategy examples, we recently delay in expanding plan on the sector that generates the most profit in 2020. Particularly, Adamo Digital is on top software development company in Vietnam, mainly doing IT outsourcing services for Western companies. Among projects, travel and tourism software development accounted for the large share of our business performance.

However, the COVID19 pandemic heavily has damaged hospitality industries since several countries enact a stay-at-home order and temporarily closes the tourist attractions. It is raising doubt about a severe recession toward the tourism sector. So, after considering both challenges and opportunities, we realize the potential of the online food and beverage industry and on-demand delivery sector. We immediately review the strategies in favor of focusing on these paths.

Making sure every business process works simultaneously

Obviously, no intelligence can correctly predict risk and uncertainty in business. In practice, there always exists an error that makes you consider adjusting your business development strategy. The point is business owners should ensure the entire operation units are well-informed, secured, and mutually supported.

You should establish business continuity planning steps, while proper performing the current works simultaneously. In an ideal scenario, businesses could have enough time to test additional uncertain plot to keep the risk minimal.

In fact, uncertainty in business poses disruption among fundamental operations, including communication and engagements among the development team as well as clients. So, the point is each member of the team is responsible for keeping track of their own works. A mighty team is the community of engaged individuals.

In conclusion, like many software development companies suffering business uncertainty in the world, Adamo Digital has invested more effort than ever to optimize the business process with high efficiency and productivity. Six steps above might make you find them quire general, but it definitely works.

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